Wine Bottle Succulent Planter
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift
Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift

Hens and Chicks Wine Bottle Succulent Planter - Wine Gifts - House Warming Gift

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Hens and chicks (aka Semperviviums) are SO TOUGH! Give these cute little succulents as a gift in a fancy, handcrafted wine bottle planter! Perfect for your desk, apartment living, dorm rooms, kitchen windows, your outdoor garden, patio tables... Give a a birthday gift or house warming gift! A wonderful table decoration for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations...

* This is a thoughtful GIFT that will last far longer than cut flowers! Sempervivums are COLD HARDY and DROUGHT TOLERANT! They are LOW MAINTENANCE even for a succulent! They have a cute rosette shape and in time may grow chicks (baby plants) around them! Giving you free plants as they grow!

* Add life to any room and make people stop and take notice. These hens and chicks succulent gardens are so unique and eye catching.

* Takes only minutes to assemble your own hens and chicks eco friendly garden.

** Email me for a CUSTOM ORDER! I can provide these planters or kits in bulk and I also provide wedding and other party favors! **

***Scroll down to SEE REVIEWS below ***

Wine Bottle Planter COMPLETE KIT -Handmade from up-cycled bottles gathered locally.


+ Handcrafted bottle planter with drainage! (Be sure to scroll through above example pictures.)

+ Cactus/succulent soil

+ Cork bottle stabilizer

+ Cap may or may not be included as these are upcycled bottles and some bottles have lost their caps along the way. :)

+ Decorative soil topping (Reindeer moss, decorative rock, or marbles. Based on availability and what goes best with the plants selected.)

+ 3 or more (**see drop down box**) COLD HARDY Sempervivums! **OR see my shop to order soft succulents or cactus in your kit instead. I even sell just the planters separately!**
**See note about plant select and color below :) **

+ Wine bottle garden EASY assembly and care sheet
(These plants are easy keepers and only need to be watered once they are completely dry. Say once 1-2 times a week to even every few weeks depending on your climate!)


* Be sure to click through all the great pictures and see link to PLANTING VIDEO under "Caring For Your Purchase"

*** Succulents are HIGH QUALITY and will vary from above pictures in color, size, and may or may not already have their own "chicks" due to availability. These succulents are growers choice from my beautiful section and I will give you a pretty assortment based on seasonal availability. Hens and chicks have seasonal color changes. So they may be pictured in color but I can't guarantee when you order them they will be at the peak of their color change or be green. If they are greenish during the season you order them just given them time. During the right time of year they will fire up and show you their fun colors! Some people refer to semperviviums as color changing chameleons! To experience their best colors give bright but filtered light. They can live inside or outside and are MUCH easier to keep alive than traditional "soft" succulents. Size of each plant varies. Some stay petite and some grow larger depending on the species. Plants may be from plug trays, from my 2" pots or from larger pots in my greenhouse depending on availability at the time you order. All plants are a high quality but may not look exactly as pictured since are sample pictures and it isn't possible to show all the varieties in my greenhouse. I over-planted in these pictures so you can see a sample selection. I don't include this many plants in your arrangement because they wouldn't have room to grow if packed in this tightly.***


🌵 "Ordered two different sets, and they look fantastic! Bottle cut was smooth and refined, the succulents were superb. Highly recommended."
🌵 "I bought the plants as a present for a friend. Everything arrived wonderfully. The plants were prettier than expected. And my friend absolutely loves her succulents."
🌵 "Shipped very quickly and was easy to assemble (especially since I don't have a green thumb!) It will make a great gift!"
🌵 "Purchased as a gift, and the recipient is over-the-top thrilled. The service was flawless."
🌵 "Gorgeous piece! The detailed precision and care put into my custom bottle is much appreciated as is the quick fulfillment. We put the bottle garden in a window at our Café and it is a hit! The staff was amazed at its beauty and the customers all want to know where they can get their own. Thank you!"

* Would you like to buy just a cut bottle and NOT a complete kit? Find cut bottles in my shop under "bottle gardens"

* Turn around time varies. Small orders may ship in 3-5 days or less! Large orders will require more time so I can have the best semperviviums on hand for your order. Please order well ahead of your event! You can pre-order and then I can ship right before your event. Advanced notice is appreciated. CONTACT me if you have a tight deadline. I aim to please :)


Bottles made into:

🌵 Soap dispenser Bottle for Kitchen or Bathroom

🌵 Indoor Bottle Garden - with drainage for happy plants (Order empty planter or with beautiful succulents!)

🌵 Snack Dish

🌵 Serving Dish

🌵 Pendent Light Shade

🌵 Bottle Lamp - with choice of shade

🌵 Hanging Indoor or Outdoor Bottle Planters (Order empty planter or with beautiful succulents!)

🌵 Cocktail Glass - made from bottles

🌵 Candle Covers, Lighting and Wedding/Party Decor

🌵 Flower Vase

🌵 Alcohol Bottle Bird Feeder

🌵 Hydroponic Wine Bottle Kitchen Herb Garden



🌵 🌵 TO FIND THESE ITEMS USE THE SEARCH BAR TO SEARCH BY BRAND (For example “Jack Daniels” or “wine”) or by alcohol type “whiskey,” “vodka” … or CONTACT ME for a custom order! 🌵 🌵


These are handcrafted items from upcycled bottlers. I am not affiliated with any brand or company that distributes alcohol or has an alcohol trademark. 


🌵 Please visit my shop to see the creative things I'm doing with glass bottles, air plants, succulents and even cactus!

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