2 Jameson Whiskey Glasses
whiskey glasses set
2 Jameson Whiskey Glasses By Looking Sharp Cactus
Jameson Whiskey Glasses
2 Jameson Whiskey Glasses - Low Ball Glass - Set of Liquor Bottle Glasses
2 Jameson Whiskey Glasses - Low Ball Glass - Set of Liquor Bottle Glasses
2 Jameson Whiskey Glasses - Low Ball Glass - Set of Liquor Bottle Glasses

2 Jameson Whiskey Glasses - Low Ball Glass - Set of Liquor Bottle Glasses

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Set of TWO glass tumblers professionally cut from Jameson Whiskey bottles! Give as a great whiskey lover gift or just sit back and enjoy the fun of sipping a cocktail, lemonade or ice tea out of a really neat homemade drinking glass.

Low ball glasses / Tumblers make excellent gifts. Plus liquor bottle glasses are a hit at parties and make for excellent, jaw dropping gifts! They will think of you every time they enjoy a cold beverage out of their new glass!

* A thoughtful and unique GIFT!

* Add life to any party and make people stop and take notice. This rocks glass / tumbler / drinking glass is so unique and eye catching. Use it when tail gating, at a party, in your man cave, kitchen or even at your desk!

** I use cold working glass cutting techniques and PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT not string and fire or a bottle cutter. When you buy from you you get an item with SMOOTH and VERY professional cuts to the glass. Zoom in on the pictures and see for yourself! Be sure to click through all the great pictures! Notice that the cut edge on my high polish glasses is CLEAR!

There are tumblers for sale out there that are not as smoothly cut and polished as mine are. Be sure to always zoom in and look at my competitor's bottle edges. If you are going to drink out of a cut glass you want the person to use professional tools to cut and professionally polish the bottles like I do.

*** NO NEED TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. HERE'S WHAT MY BUYERS ARE SAYING: "Great thing to buy it you have a bar, or if you just want some nice glasses, the rim is really smooth and polished and just a nice product over all." ***


+ 2 Handcrafted drinking glasses

Bottle: Made from 1 liter upcycled bottles
Glass Height: ~ 4" tall Rocks Glass (or CONTACT me for a ~5-6" Tumbler)
Capacity: ~ 16 oz Rocks Glass (or CONTACT me for a 20+ oz Tumbler)

** Handcrafted tumbler only. Decorative elements NOT included. **

** WANT TO ORDER IN BULK? See my links below or contact me **

OPTIONS for the Rim of the Glass:

- High Polish: Top rim looks clear, inner and outer edges are professionally smoothed. (Zoom in on the pictures to see for your self!)
- Normal Polish: Top rim is NOT clear. Glass is safe to drink from with professionally smoothed inner and outer edges.


+ Cap may or may not be included as these are upcycled bottles and some bottles have lost their caps along the way. :)

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🌵 🌵 TO FIND THESE ITEMS USE THE SEARCH BAR TO SEARCH BY BRAND (For example “Jack Daniels” or “wine”) or by alcohol type “whiskey,” “vodka” … or CONTACT ME for a custom order! 🌵 🌵🌵 These are handcrafted items from upcycled bottlers. I am not affiliated with any brand or company that distributes alcohol or has an alcohol trademark. 🌵🌵Please visit my shop to see the creative things I'm doing with glass bottles, air plants, succulents and even cactus! https://lookingsharpcactus.com/

Jameson is a registered trademark and is not involved in or affiliated with the production or distribution of my handmade products.

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  • What’s the difference between tumbler and rocks glass? How many oz. are rack one?

    The difference between a Jameson rocks or tumbler glass:

    Rocks Glass ~ 4" tall, ~ 16 oz

    Tumbler~5-6" tall, 20+ oz