What Happens Next?

1) You place your order online.

2) I print your order details and your postage label. 

3) I cut, sand, clean and package your order.

4) I send you an email with your estimated ship date and your tracking number. 

5) The shipping company picks up and scans your package.  Now the tracking number will show movement and your estimated delivery date. 

6) Your package arrives. Hip hip hooray!  

7) If you love your handcrafted items as much as I think you will please:

  • leave me a review.
  • send me pictures showing me how you are enjoying my handmade items.
  • and please share my little shop on social media.  Your friends will appreciate the unique gift ideas. 

When will my order ship?

Most items ship in 3-5 business days.  You are ordering handcrafted items that I make one at a time.  This timing allows me to handcraft, clean and package each item in your order.  


Transit Time:

Most orders ship with UPS Ground, FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery.  This is because shipping glass requires large, heavy boxes and these carriers give the best rates for large, heavy shipments. 


UPS Ground Delivery Times: ~ 1 to 5 business days depending on carrier delays and how far you are from Arizona.

FedEx Ground Delivery Times: ~ 1 to 5 business days depending on carrier delays and how far you are from Arizona.

FedEx Home Delivery: ~ 1 to 7 business days depending on carrier delays and how far you are from Arizona.


Need your order faster?

If you want to upgrade to USPS Priority Mail to get your gifts faster please see the steps below. 

For a rush order please email me a screen shot of the items in your chart + your shipping zip code.  It will take me 24 - 48 hours to type up and email you a order link with a paid upgrade to USPS Priority Mail.  After you order it takes 1-3 days to sand, cut, clean and package your order.  After your order is made it takes USPS Priority Mail 3-4 days on average to deliver your order.


* ALL shipping carriers are experiencing holiday and Covid delays.  Once I ship on time delivery is solely up to the shipping carrier.  


For small orders of 1-2 items the cost of USPS Priority Mail will be only slightly higher than the cost of Ground shipping.  But if you are ordering 3+ items USPS Priority Mail will be MUCH more expensive than Ground shipping.  But USPS Priority Mail may arrive faster? 


Do you have a question about shipping charges?

For large orders (4+ items) you can contact me if you feel the shipping is not being combined correctly. Please leave the items in your cart so I can see your shipping address and the weight and size of items in your cart.

Be sure to checkout with all your items in the same cart.  If you check out multiple times with 1 item in each checkout you may be charged for multiple shipments instead of a combined shipment. 

For international orders USPS and others do charge quite a bit to ship internationally.  Also you may be responsible for a tariff charged to you by your country.  Sorry I have no way to know if they will charge an import fee / tariff or how much you will be charged.

I really don't make any money on shipping. 

I wish I could offer free shipping on every order but this is a mom and pop shop.  Small businesses don't have the buying power that a big chain store has to get special prices on postage.  

Thank you for understanding! 


shipping FAQs