I take pride in what I make and I want you to be happy! Please give me the chance to make it right before you leave negative feedback.
Returns and exchanges 
Your purchase is refundable if you are unhappy but unfortunately shipping costs and other fees are not refundable. Just mail back your product, at your expense, and I can send you a different item or I can give you a refund. To order another item instead you would need to pay shipping on the new item. The item being returned must be in it's original condition for me to issue you a refund. Please return in original box/packaging materials. Please purchase insurance with your return shipping just in case your item breaks on it's way back to me. I can't resell a broken item so I can't refund your order unless you ship me back an item in original /unbroken condition. There is a 20% RESTOCKING FEE on returned items in original condition. (See additional policies about custom orders and canceled orders under the "payment" section above.). I really didn't want to charge a restocking fee but I still pay fees on your order, even if it is returned/refunded to you. I'm just a mom working from home while taking care of her little ones. It's rare that someone returns an item but even so I can't afford to eat all the expenses when they do... :( 
** Vinyl decals and other supplies have their own return and exchange policies.  Please see the listing for those items for specifics on returns, refunds ect for those items. **
Soap Dispensers: 

Unused soap pumps can be returned for a refund of the pump cost, minus shipping charges, within 30 days of the purchase date. Once I receive your return in new, un-used condition I will issue a refund for the product price minus any shipping charges. Within 60 days of the purchase date, I will replace your soap pump if it has a manufacturers defect ONLY.  Perhaps your soap pump broke because you used the wrong type of soap or didn’t follow the care instructions?  Or perhaps the pump wore out?  If so no worries, you can buy a replacement soap pump in my shop.  


All purchases and reserve listings must be paid within 3 days. Non-payment will result in cancellation of your custom listing and your order will return to my shop.

I accept PayPal and Credit Cards

I am located in Arizona so a sales tax of 6.1% is automatically added to all sales shipped to a Arizona address.

For CUSTOM ORDERS I require payment in full before I start handcrafting your order. **Custom orders can not be canceled or returned for a refund.** This means I cannot issue a refund for an item that was created as a custom order for you. This includes orders for metal address planters since they need custom numbers/lettering. This policy also includes orders for items bought in bulk and for custom orders where I had to order special components to fill your order such as ordering bulk succulents, favor tins ect. This is because I cannot resell items that were specifically made/altered for your order and I cannot return items that I had to buy in bulk to produce your order. Thank you for understanding.

I go out of pocket for all of my expenses. Orders that are canceled really hurt my tiny budget. If you order custom lettering or numbering and I have already produced the numbering/lettering or the custom product I won't be able to cancel and refund you order once it has been created. Also if you cancel your order there is a 15% CANCELLATION FEE. Often I start on an order as soon as it comes in. So even if you cancel within minutes of ordering I often have started on the item and added a drainage slit, de-labeled the bottle, added vinyl wording... Now the item is ready for "your" order but if you cancel your order I may not be able to find a buyer for this now altered item. If you cancel I loose money on my materials, labor and packaging... 15% really doesn't cover the fees and other costs I've incurred because you canceled your order. I'm not a big company but a stay at home mom who makes everything from scratch and goes out of pocket on the supplies for your order. I appreciate your understanding!


SHIPPING:Items typically ship in 3-5 business days. If expedited shipping is needed, please contact me for details.  Address planters ship in 1-2 weeks.
I ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and sometimes on Wednesdays. If you request that I ship your item on a specific day I can, but please keep in mind that orders which include live plants need to arrive asap. Plants do not do well if they end up sitting at the post office, or in a postal truck, on a weekend or postal holiday.

During high volume order times or holidays turnaround times may be longer than usual. Since I use very specialized machinery to my glass and metal items there also may be times when your turnaround time may run a bit longer than expected due to unexpected repairs or maintenance of my machines. As you can see by my stellar reviews, this is very rarely the case, just keep this in mind.

USPS has raised postage rates and has been experiencing shipping delays:
* If at checkout you select "USPS Priority Mail" or "USPS Priority Mail Express" I will ship your items with USPS.
* If you at checkout you select "USPS Ground" I will ship with either USPS Ground, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground depending on current shipping delays experienced by the different carriers.
* If you purchase USPS Ground and do NOT want me to select the most efficient ground carrier you must add a note in the "notes to seller" section at checkout letting me know that you do not want FedEx, UPS ect used for your ground shipment.

Seller reserves the right to select the most economical shipping service method.


SHIPPING COSTS: **Does it look like the shipping quote is too high? ** Shipping charges are based on total weight, box size, distance traveled from Arizona and shipping method selected. I don't make money on shipping! If shipping charges seem excessive try adding the item to your cart so you can see all the different shipping options. For bulk orders (2+ items) please contact me and I can look at ways to reduce the cost such as combining your items for shipment, shipping extremely heavy orders with FedEx or using a slower shipping method. Contact me before your items ship and I will do my best to combine your items for shipping. I can't know exact shipping charges until your items are handcrafted and packaged.

Most items are hand made after your order comes in. Please check the production time on each item to see how long before I can ship your item. (Most items ship in 3-5 business days. Sometimes less.  Address planters ship within 2 weeks.  This is because items are handmade one at a time after the order comes in.  Contact me if you need a faster order and I'll see what I can do.

Orders will ship with USPS Ground, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground.  Smaller/lighter orders will ship with USPS Priority Mail. You can also contact us to purchase a shipping upgrade to USPS Priority Mail.  Priority Mail takes 2-4  days of travel time (on average) in addition to 3-5 business days of processing time on your order.  Processing time allows us to handcraft, clean, package and ship your order.  You can also contact us to purchase Priority Mail Express shipping at checkout. Prioriy Mail Express arrives in 1-2 business days (after your item has shipping).  Sorry but I can't be responsible if the shipping company delivers late so please order in time for your special event.


If you shipped with Priority Mail or if you paid to add shipping insurance to USPS Ground shipping then we can file an insurance claim to get you paid back or get you a replacement for the broken item. ***I can NOT be responsible for a package once I ship it.*** I'm very sorry if the shipping company looses your package or damages it! It rarely happens but if it does we will need to file an insurance claim (if you shipped with insurance) and then WAIT for the claim to be paid (for lost packages) before I can ship a replacement item. For damaged packages I can give you a refund or ship a replacement item as soon as you provide the information needed for me to file the claim. For broken items you will not have to wait for the claim to be paid. Sorry but I'm a stay at home mom and I cannot afford to pay for a replacement item and new shipping. As a potential solution, you can buy a replacement item while we wait on the claim review and I can ship the replacement as soon as possible to your gift recipient. Then you can use the claim money to pay yourself back for the first item. Again this is a rare occurrence and I understand your frustration! I cannot be financially responsible for an item once it leaves my hands.

PLEASE BUY SHIPPING INSURANCE (Priority Mail comes with shipping insurance):                                                                                                              If you buy shipping insurance I will replace your bottle if it arrives broken by the post office.  You can buy shipping insurance by selecting "Priority Mail" which already has insurance included.  USPS Ground shipping does NOT include insurance.  If you ship without shipping insurance then we CAN'T file a claim to get you a refund on a broken shipment. If you want to ship with cheaper USPS Ground shipping please convo me BEFORE your purchase and ask to pay a few dollars more to add shipping insurance. If your item arrives broken and you shipped with Priority Mail (which has shipping insurance) please let me know with in 7 days of arrival so I can file an insurance claim.  Within 7 days of your bottle's arrival I must have pictures of any damage to the shipping box, tracking  #, pictures of the broken bottle and pictures of the packaging materials.  If your item does break please do NOT throw away your broken item or the box/packaging material.**  The post office may ask you to bring the broken item and box to the post office so they can see it.  They may reject the insurance claim if you cannot show them those items!  Usually claims go right through but in one case they did ask the buyer to produce those items.  Sorry this is something I wish neither of us ever had to deal with!!!  LUCKILY ITEMS RARELY BREAK BECAUSE I PACKAGE THEM SO WELL! **



Please see my many 5 star reviews.  Most plants travel well and arrive alive and happy but you need to be aware of the risks you take when you order a live item to be mailed to you.  Please be aware of climate conditions in your area at the time you order. MOST PLANTS WILL DIE IF EXPOSED TO TEMPERATURES BELOW 40F or if they are exposed to excess summer heat.  If you want to order succulents during cold weather you can add  a heat pack to travel in your shipment. Be aware that heat packs raise the temperature of the box 10-15 degrees and stop working if the temperature drops below 32F.  Heat packs last for 72 hours.  So if your package takes longer than 72 hours to arrive then the heat packs will have stopped working by then.  Priority Mail takes 3-4 days depending on how far you are from Arizona.  Succulents do NOT like the cold and even with heat packs your plants could freeze.  My kids and I grow these succulents ourselves and we care about them and want them to live a long life and do well for you.  Unfortunately when you ship a living thing there are risks.  After expenses I only make a few dollars on each order, so I cannot provide refunds or new plants if yours die in transit or afterwards.  I cannot be held responsible for damage in transit due to cold, extreme heat or USPS delays.  This includes USPS delays due to an error in your shipping address or inclement weather. Unfortunately USPS will NOT cover damage to plants as part of a insurance claim.  So the long and short of it is please be aware of weather conditions when ordering and plan accordingly.  YOU WILL BE SENT A TRACKING NUMBER.  PLEASE WATCH FOR YOUR PLANT'S ARRIVAL AND MAKE SURE IT ISN'T LEFT OUT IN A HOT/COLD MAILBOX/DOORSTEP.  You may be able to have the post office hold your boxes for pickup at your local post office. 

Please open the box as soon as it arrives.  Plants left in the dark in a box can change colors, elongate and/or DIE.   Thank you for understanding and happy succulent gardening!


If you ordered an air plant, depending on your location, they may need to be sprayed with non-chlorinated water daily or dipped in water every other day.  So please let your new plant friends out of their box and give them a drink!  As you know, too much or too little water, the wrong soil or incorrect lighting can kill a plant so PLEASE SEE INCLUDED CARE SHEETS. Cactus, succulents and air plants are usually VERY tough but even they need a little love and the right care.  Sorry but after 48 hours of receiving them I cannot issue any refunds.


I carefully wrap the succulents and cushion them in tissue and/or kraft paper for protection. For my potted items, sometimes soil will get loose from the pot. Simply brush off the plant, replace the soil if needed, and lightly pack it around the roots (never plant air plants in soil).  For cactus I would suggest using a plastic spoon to safely replace the soil and handling the cactus every so gently with tongs or leather gloves if you feel the need for direct contact.


For items with live plants, shipping is only available to the 48 contiguous states. Live plants cannot ship to APO, AE, or any other military addresses; PO Boxes; any international address.

Ensure that your correct address is listed on the order, on Paypal  (if that is how you pay) and that those addresses match each other because that address is where I'm sending your package unless you specify that this order is a gift and you want it sent to a separate address. Because of the perishable nature of my products, shipments to incorrect addresses will void any and all guarantees. If you accidentally ship to an incorrect address, and if the item(s) are returned to me, the buyer would be responsible for the additional shipping charges to re-ship the item. I can provide you with your tracking number but you will need to contact the shipping company if your package has not arrived or shipped to your old address.

The shipping cost is automatically calculated at checkout based on the zip code of the shipping destination provided and includes postage, delivery confirmation, online tracking, packaging/handling and standard USPS insurance. You will receive an email notification when your order has shipped. For orders greater than $100 I can add additional insurance. You are responsible for letting me know if you'd like a signature confirmation or insurance on your order for an additional cost.

For items with live plants, shipping is only available to the 48 contiguous states. Live plants cannot ship to APO, AE, or any other military addresses; PO Boxes; any international address.

International Buyers are responsible for any additional imposed Custom fees/taxes required by your country. I've heard from buyers that countries like the UK do charge an import tax. Sorry I have no way of finding out if you will be charged an import tax or how much it would be. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.
Additional policies and FAQs
For the sake of my sanity and because I'm chasing 2 very little children, PLEASE NOTE  THE IMAGES IN MY LISTINGS ARE SAMPLE PHOTOS taken by me over the years.  Alcohol bottles and their labels change over time and may vary slightly from these sample photos.

SORRY BUT NO PLANT IS GUARANTEED TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ITS LISTING PHOTOS, AND NOT LOOKING LIKE THE PHOTO IS NOT A BASIS FOR A REFUND. I would have to take photos of each plant daily because they are living things and go through changes. Some cactus, most succulents, and some tillandsias (air plants) change color depending on sun exposure or lack of, hot or cold temperatures, and stress. They also have varying bloom and propagation cycles which will affect their appearance. So they may be in bloom in the photo but may not arrive in bloom to your house. No worries, take good care of them and I bet you see them bloom during their next bloom cycle. The pictures just show you what they will look like when they bloom.

If you need a larger quantity than I have listed, please send me a convo and I will quote you a price.

The quality of bottle labels can not be guaranteed because we are giving new life to a used bottle that otherwise would have spent nearly 1 million years in a landfill! True! If the quality of the label or the color of the foil on the bottle neck is important please let me know and I will do my best to find a bottle that is just right for you.

Glass bottles:
Each bottle is a hand-worked piece of art and as such each bottle is slightly different in color, wall thickness, shape.... I spend long hours sanding and polishing my bottles, and I take pride in them, but some will have a very small imperfection here and there on the edge from the LONG and labor intensive process of upcycling your bottle. I cut your bottle using professional lapidary equipment. Some of which I inherited from my beloved grandpa Pop pop. My professional equipment and attention to detail is why my bottles have such beautiful safe edges. PLEASE ZOOM IN on the photos and see how beautiful the edges are on my professionally cut bottles! I take pride in my work and this is a gift you will be proud to send.
FYI this glass that was not originally intentioned for it's new purpose in life so PLEASE HAND WASH AND DO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHER. Enjoy!


Looking Sharp Cactus Privacy Policy

Information I Collect


  • To fulfill your order, you must provide me with certain information such as your name, email address, postal address, payment information, and the details of the product that you’re ordering. You may also choose to provide me with additional personal information (for a custom order for example), if you contact me directly.
  • My products are also listed on Pinterest.  My store uses the Pinterest Tag to track customers' behavior/clicks when they click on my Pinterest images.


Why I Need Your Information and How I Use It


  • I rely on a number of legal bases to collect, use, and share your information, including:
  • As needed to provide my services, such as when I use your information to fulfill your order, to settle disputes, or to provide customer support;
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Information Sharing and Disclosure


Information about my customers is important to my business. I share your personal information for very limited reasons and in limited circumstances, as follows:

  • Service providers. I engage certain trusted third parties to perform functions and provide services to my shop, such as delivery companies. I will share your personal information with these third parties, but only to the extent necessary to perform these services.
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Data Retention


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Transfers of Personal Information Outside the EU


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Your Rights


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  • Change, restrict, delete. You may also have rights to change, restrict my use of, or delete your personal information. Absent exceptional circumstances (like where I am required to store data for legal reasons) I will generally delete your personal information upon request.
  • Object. You can object to (i) my processing of some of your information based on my legitimate interests and (ii) receiving marketing messages from me after providing your express consent to receive them. In such cases, I will delete your personal information unless I have compelling and legitimate grounds to continue using that information or if it is needed for legal reasons.
  • Complain. If you reside in the EU and wish to raise a concern about my use of your information (and without prejudice to any other rights you may have), you have the right to do so with your local data protection authority.



How to Contact Me


  • For purposes of EU data protection law, I, Nicole, am the data controller of your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at lookingsharpcactus@gmail.com