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You can feel good shopping with Looking Sharp Cactus. 

As a mom and pop shop we take pride in what we handcraft. Each item is made here in the USA, one at a time, by hand, using only recycled glass.


Need one more reason to buy from us? 

My cut bottles and succulent gifts have been featured on This Old House, House Beautiful, Moncheri Bridals, Arizona Daily Star newspaper, Succulents and Sunshine,and more!


    Wine Bottle Garden Centerpiece:

    "If you are looking for a little help to create these one of a kind planters, Etsy Seller Looking Sharp Cactus has kits that include everything you need to put together your very own centerpiece."


    DIY Wine Bottle Planter for Succulents

    "There are so many fun things to plant succulents in! I recently found Looking Sharp Cactus on Etsy and got a planted wine bottle arrangement from her and loved it!

    I also saw the empty wine bottle planters she sold and wanted to try planting one myself as well. When I realized the bottles had a drainage hole in them I knew I had to share this tutorial with you. Glass can be tricky to grow succulents in, but with a drainage hole it’s a great option!"




    5 locally-owned Etsy stores you can support while planning your wedding

    "This is where you go for succulent centerpieces that are green in more ways than one. Former agriculture and biology teacher Nicole Harrington now recycles glass bottles into planters, soap dispensers, candy dishes and other works of art. Plus she creates cactus and succulent wedding favors."



    "11 New (and Creative) Ways to Show Off your Succulents - Your tiny plants will instantly make a big statement with these ideas"

    They featured our wine bottle hanging succulent planter You can get yours by going to our home page and clicking on the hanging planters collection.


    Succulents are for Sharing held a planting class and featured our cut wine bottle planters:



    Check out this beautiful blue Don Julio hanging tequila bottle planter.  Thank you to Gardenista for featuring it!  Looks great with vibrant succulents! 



    Thank you to Soap Deli News for featuring this awesome Ketel One Vodka succulent gift!  It comes in 1 of 3 bottle varieties and a variety of succulents can be used to create your unique and memorable gift for the vodka and succulent lover in your life!



    Thank you micasa for featuring my address planter and planted wine bottle!



    My address planter was featured in an article about Feng Shui and your house numbers.


    Thank you to Something Turquoise for featuring my wine bottle planter as part of your recommended wedding decor!


    Thank you to Inspire Create Educate for featuring my Bombay Sapphire upcycled serving dish!


     Thank you Do It Make It Love it for featuring our wine bottle succulent centerpiece




     Thank you Architecture Art Design for featuring our wine bottle succulent centerpiece


    Style Motivation featured my handcrafted wine bottle planters


    Thank you to "The Whoot" who featured my hydroponic herb gardens!  They also included a list online of the best herbs to grow indoors and the following planting instructions using soil. My planters can use soil or hydroponic supplies.

    "Before you start the planting process, the seeds will need to be soaked a couple of hours prior. This cleans them up and they sprout quicker. You’ll also need decent potting mix, not the regular outdoor soil. You can purchase Herb Planter Kits like above."

    Here’s how to plant your herbs.

    1. Soak your seeds for a few hours before planting.

    2. Fill your pots with a good potting soil mixture.

    3. Plant your seeds three times as deep as the width of the seed. The bigger the seed, the deeper it should go.

    4. Put your pots in front of a south-facing window.

    5. Water when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch.