Mystery Bottle Giveaway

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The first 50 orders will get a free item!

Shortages, price increases & shipping delays are all predicted this year.

So it's best to order your Christmas gifts VERY early.

To thank you for ordering early I'm including a free mystery bottle in every order of 4+ cut glass items.


Giveaway Details:

Sorry you can't select your mystery bottle but it's always fun to get something for free! You don't have to use a coupon code or do anything special. Orders of 4+ cut glass items ordered together/shipping to the same address will automatically qualify.

Mystery cut bottles may be one of the many fun cut glass items I offer in my Etsy shop (serving dish, planter, vase, pendant shades...). Perhaps you will receive a cut wine wine bottle or perhaps it will be a cut hard alcohol bottle. The cut bottle may have sanded or unsanded edges (perfect for succulent planters, vases etc). The bottle may be label on or label removed, the bottle neck may be cork top or screw top.


We are helping the environment by upcycling bottles that otherwise would have spend an eternity in a landfill. Since your free bottles has been upcycled it may have an imperfect label or another imperfection. But no worries this extra free bottle didn't cost you a thing. I will even pay the extra shipping costs to send it to you.


I REALLY appreciate your support of my little family business! Please help me, a stay at home mom, by ordering early for Christmas. You can order now and ask that I add a sticker to the shipping box letting your gift recipient know this is a gift and they need to wait until the holidays to open it.