Caring for your Purchase

Please excuse the video quality. These videos were made by high school students for a class project.   


How do I plant and water my wine bottle succulent garden?


How to plant your hydroponic planter with seeds or a live herb plant            

Caring for Your Purchase:

Wondering how to care for your succulent plants, hydroponic planter or even if your drinking glass is dishwasher safe?  Those answers and more can be found by in the Care Sheets below.  You can also contact me with any questions.

Need help taking care of your new succulents?  My friend Cassidy at Succulents and Sunshine has a really helpful website all about caring for succulents.  Her blog is easy to read and has lots of pictures so you can see what an over-watered or under-watered succulent looks like.  She also shows you what a succulent looks like that is getting too much or not enough sun.   I personally know Cassidy but as a disclaimer this is an affiliate link to her site. 




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