Jack Daniels gifts recycled glasses are the best bourbon gifts


Drinking glasses made from liquor bottles are a hit at parties and make for excellent, jaw dropping gifts! Use these rocks glasses when tail gating, at a party, in your man cave, kitchen or even at your desk! 

Give as a great whiskey lover gift or just sit back and enjoy the fun of sipping a cocktail, lemonade or ice tea out of a really neat homemade drinking glass.

** I use cold working glass cutting techniques and PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT not string and fire or a bottle cutter.  When you buy from you you get an item with SMOOTH and VERY professional cuts to the glass.  Zoom in on the pictures and see for yourself!  Be sure to click through all the great pictures!  Notice how nice the edges on my glasses are!  

There are tumblers for sale out there that are not as smoothly cut and polished as mine are.  Be sure to always zoom in and look at my competitor's bottle edges.  If you are going to drink out of a cut glass you want the person to use professional tools to cut and professionally polish the bottles like I do.