Air Plant Terrarium Gifts

* SHIPS TO USA ONLY if you order version with live air plant *   

Vibrant succulents and air plants can adorn you walls just days from now.  You can display hanging terrariums and glass orbs in your own home or give this as an EXCELLENT GIFT.  

Bring your walls to life with this HOMEMADE wall mount.  Make people stop and take notice. These wall gardens are so unique and eye catching!

Handmade Wood And Copper Air Plant Wall Holder - Hardwood!

Handmade Wood And Copp...


Espresso Stain
English Chestnut

"What a clever idea! Quality work, no sharp edges..."

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT
Hard Wood and Copper Wall Mount For Air Plants or use with Succulents - Air Plant Holder Living Wall

Hard Wood and Copper W...

From $39.99

Espresso Stain
English Chestnut
Layer 1 SOLD-OUT
3 Handmade Wood And Copper Hanging Terrarium Wall Mounts

3 Handmade Wood And Co...

From $140.00

Espresso Stain
English Chestnut
Layer 1 SOLD-OUT
Air Plant Hanging Glass Globe -  Hanging Terrarium

Air Plant Hanging Glas...

From $15.99

Pink Reindeer Moss
Purple Reindeer Moss
Green Spanish Moss
Brown Spanish Moss
Cream Reindeer Moss