Blue Glass Skyy Vodka Vase
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Blue Glass Skyy Vodka Vase - Flower Vase - Vodka Gift
Blue Glass Skyy Vodka Vase - Flower Vase - Vodka Gift

Blue Glass Skyy Vodka Vase - Flower Vase - Vodka Gift

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This vase is so unique and eye catching! Give a beautiful present to someone special or treat yourself to this stunning flower vase. This is an EXCELLENT GIFT! People will stop and take notice! You did :)

* 1 Up-cycled Skyy Bottle cut into a beautiful vase.

* 750 ml OR 1 Liter bottle depending on availability. Please CONTACT if you need a specific size, otherwise I'll send you a beautiful cut bottle from my upcycled Skyy bottle collection.

* Be sure to click through all the great pictures!

** I also do custom orders and can provide the above items in bulk. **

**See my store for Skyy soap pump bottles for the kitchen or bathroom. Skyy succulent planters or Skyy snack bowls!**

I personally:
- Used a diamond saw to cut this bottle
- Wet sanded the edges
- Lacquered the bottle's label and applied a surface protectant to the bottle itself that repels fingerprints, hard water minerals... Giving the bottle a brighter appearance and making fingerprints easy to wipe away.
- All this while tending to the every need and whim of two very small children!

* Price is for handcrafted bottle only. Decorative elements are not included.


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🌵 🌵 TO FIND THESE ITEMS USE THE SEARCH BAR TO SEARCH BY BRAND (For example “Jack Daniels” or “wine”) or by alcohol type “whiskey,” “vodka” … or CONTACT ME for a custom order! 🌵 🌵


🌵 These are handcrafted items from upcycled bottlers. I am not affiliated with any brand or company that distributes alcohol or has an alcohol trademark. 🌵
🌵Please visit my shop to see the creative things I'm doing with glass bottles, air plants, succulents and even cactus!

Skyy is a registered trademark and is not involved in or affiliated with the production or distribution of my handmade products.


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