Wine Bottle Candle Gift - Handmade Candles - Wine Gifts - Wine Bottle Decor
Wine Bottle Candle Gift - Handmade Candles - Wine Gifts - Wine Bottle Decor
Wine Bottle Candle Gift - Handmade Candles - Wine Gifts - Wine Bottle Decor
Wine Bottle Candle Gift - Handmade Candles - Wine Gifts - Wine Bottle Decor

Wine Bottle Candle Gift - Handmade Candles - Wine Gifts - Wine Bottle Decor

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Hard to find wine bottle candle! Not many people can cut them lengthwise. I cut my own and when you buy from me you are supporting a stay at home mom.

What a GREAT GIFT for a wine lover or give as a hostess gift! Wine bottles gathered locally and upcycled into beautiful home lighting.

Use them to create a centerpiece on your dining room table, wedding table decor, kitchen table, kitchen window, patio table or even your desk!

* Be sure to click through all the great pictures:

ZOOM IN AND LOOK AT THE BOTTLE EDGES on my bottles and on my competitors. My edges are NOT sharp because I hand make each and every bottle myself using cold working glass techniques and professional equipment. This gives a beautiful edge! Other shops sell bottles that have rough, heavily chipped edges. Make sure you look at the quality of the cut before buying. I DO CUSTOM ORDERS!


** 1 Handcrafted wine bottle candle ** Made with high-quality wax, wicks, and fragrances

Bulk order?
- Want 2 or more wine bottle candles. Bottle color and shape is based on availability. CONTACT me if you have a strong preference or I will send you a very nice one from my collection. (See details about bottle shape/color in the description below)

- Scent: Jasmine

* Wick
- Wooden crackle wick (**makes a neat crackling sound!**)

- Approximately ~16 oz of wax


+ My candles use only USA wax!
- You do NOT want wax from China. Some wax from China is suspected to have toxins like lead in the wicks.
- If you buy candles from a seller who gets their wax from a craft store you are most likely getting wax/wicks from China since that is the cheapest source.

+ My candles have been LAB TESTED by the National Candle Association.
They tested the wax, the wicks and how long the candle soots for. My candles passed! (The test is pass or fail).
This is a very expensive lab test.

+ My candles are FOOD GRADE PARAFFIN wax and organic palm wax!
This is the highest grade you can get.
It absorbs fragrance and color very well!

+ My scents are from 75% ESSENTIAL OILS and 25% fragrance oils!

+100 % German cotton wicks (**CONTACT me before ordering if you would like a wooden wick that makes a neat crackling sound for a few dollar more. **)

+ Liquid dyes for our candle coloring


+ My bottles are cut using cold working glass techniques and PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT.
- (Some competitors use the string and fire method or a hand cutter to cut their bottles. This does NOT give the beautiful and safe edge that my professional equipment does!)

+ My bottles have a POLISHED EDGE on the inner AND outer edge!
- (Some shops sell bottles that are not polished/smoothed... You can run your finger around the inner and outer edges and feel that the edges unfinished on some of my competitor's bottles.)
- (Some competitors sell bottles that are discolored/whitish on the cut edge because the edge is unfinished. MY bottles have a darker finished edge!)
- (Some competitors sell bottles with lots of chips on the edge of the bottle. Zoom in and see how nice my edges are!)


* This is a HANDMADE and upcycled item. Much care goes into their creation. Being handmade items from recycled bottles the labels and bottle neck foil (when included) may not be in perfect condition.

* Let me know if you would like a label on your bottle. If you don't let me know I will send you a bottle with or without a label depending on availability.

* These 750 ml upcycled wine bottles come in various shades of brown, green, olive green, yellow, blue and clear. I will select a beautiful bottle for you based on availability. If you need a specific glass color please let me know before ordering. We may need to make you a custom order for slightly more money.

* Bottles maybe cork top or screw top based on availability.

* I ship with FAST USPS Priority Mail. (So items ship quickly AFTER they are handcrafted.)

* Do you have a favorite bottle? I would be happy to make your loved one the perfect gift by turning their favorite bottle into a planter, vase, candle holder, serving tray, candy dish…. You can even send me a special wine bottle to cut! Just CONTACT me for details!

I personally:
- Used a diamond saw to cut this bottle.
- Wet sanded the edges.
- Applied a surface protectant to the bottle itself that repels fingerprints, hard water minerals... Giving the bottle a brighter appearance and making fingerprints easy to wipe away.




Bottles made into: 

🌵 Soap dispenser Bottle for Kitchen or Bathroom

🌵 Indoor Bottle Garden - with drainage for happy plants (Order empty planter or with beautiful succulents!)

🌵 Snack Dish

🌵 Serving Dish

🌵 Pendent Light Shade

🌵 Bottle Lamp - with choice of shade

🌵 Hanging Indoor or Outdoor Bottle Planters (Order empty planter or with beautiful succulents!)

🌵 Cocktail Glass - made from bottles

🌵 Candle Covers, Lighting and Wedding/Party Decor

🌵 Flower Vase

🌵 Alcohol Bottle Bird Feeder

🌵 Hydroponic Wine Bottle Kitchen Herb Garden


🌵 🌵 TO FIND THESE ITEMS USE THE SEARCH BAR TO SEARCH BY BRAND (For example “Jack Daniels” or “wine”) or by alcohol type “whiskey,” “vodka” … or CONTACT ME  for a custom order! 🌵 🌵

  These are handcrafted items from upcycled bottlers.  I am not affiliated with any brand or company that distributes alcohol or has an alcohol trademark.  🌵

🌵 Please visit my shop to see the creative things I'm doing with glass bottles, air plants, succulents and even cactus!


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