Live Succulent Bottle Planters

***Takes only minutes to assemble your own indoor succulent, eco friendly garden. See how easy it is for even kids and grandparents!***  


A thoughtful GIFT that will last far longer than cut flowers!  Wine bottle succulent planter handcrafted from up-cycled wine bottles gathered locally. Wine gifts!

Add life to any room and make people stop and take notice.  These succulent gardens are so unique and eye catching.  Use them as a centerpiece for your dining room table, wedding decor, kitchen table, kitchen window, patio table or even your desk!  

Caring for your purchase:

"What a clever idea! Quality work, no sharp edges..."

Ciroc Vodka Bottle

Ciroc Vodka Bottle cut...

From $34.99

Green- Apple
Yellow - Pineapple
Red- Berry
Brown - Amaretto
White - Coconut
Orange - Peach
Milagro Tequila Live Succulent Planter - Tequila Bottle Garden

Milagro Tequila Live S...

From $34.99

Blue Glass Succulent Gift

Blue Glass Succulent G...

From $34.99

Traditional Blue
Blood Orange
Wild Strawberry
Tropical Mango
Pacific Blueberry
Vanilla Bean