Liquor Bottle Crafts | DIY Hanging Bottle Lights

Liquor Bottle Crafts | DIY Hanging Bottle Lights


 Head Turning Glass Bottle Light Fixtures

Do you want to add a sense of fun?  Upgrade your lighting and it will set the mood for your man cave or home bar.  Create the really cool space you've always wanted!

Over the years so many homeowners and bar owners have contacted me.  They want to do something special to set their bar apart.  In their minds' eye they can picture unique lighting fixtures that speak to their customers.  Maybe something rustic and whiskey themed for a western bar.  Or green glass and Irish liquor bottles for an Irish bar. Cut wine bottle lighting for a bar in Sonoma.  Or my favorite, using tequila bottles to create a cantina.

The below wagon wheel light fixture was made by my customer using my Patron light shades.  It turned out amazing and will be a focal point for so many years to come! 

Patron tequila bottle hanging lights
bottle lights or sale from looking sharp cactus


hanging liquor bottle lights


I can help you make the unique lighting fixtures you've always wanted.  Do you have special bottles you've been saving but you're not sure what to make with them?  Or perhaps you know exactly what you want to make with your cool glass bottles but you're not sure how to cut the bottles. 

Can you cut your own bottles?

So many people have contacted me only after they have spent too much money on various glass cutters and too much time on YouTube videos trying to get the same smooth cuts I provide.  Glass cutting is not as easy as a YouTube video makes it look!  Many of my customers have tried to cut their own bottles. After many broken bottles or jagged cuts they either give up on their project or contact me.  I've made my livelihood cutting glass for more than 5 years now and I can promise you there isn't a cheap and easy way to cut glass bottles.  If there was I'd be out of business lol. 

How Do I Cut the Bottles?

It took me 5+ years and many broken bottles but now I can get a smooth and professional cut.  To get these great cuts I cut your bottle using professional lapidary equipment. Some of which I inherited from my beloved grandpa Pop pop. Then I use 2 additional machines to help me smoothly sand the cut edges. 

I'll write more on this subject for a different article.  But trust me you'll spend less money, spend less time and get a better light fixture if you let me cut your bottles for you!  

Safety Precautions When Cutting Glass:

Things I learned along the way:

  • Glass cutting machinery is dangerous (you can cut off body parts).
  • Glass cutting generates dangerous glass dust (think tiny floating pieces of glass that you can breathe in). 
  • Glass cutting is loud and messy
  • Glass is unforgiving and likes to crack, chip etc. 
  • You need to wear: eye protection, hearing protection and a respirator (for the glass dust)  


If my friends could see my now.  I'm looking good in my personal protective equipment lol!

personal protective equipment for cutting glass bottles from looking sharp cactus


Where do I get bottles for my cool new light fixture?

One idea is to invite some friends over and finish off a bottle or two!  Or encourage your friends and family to save bottles for you. Another idea is to ask your local bar for a few bottles. If you're friends with the bar tender maybe they will let you have a bar bottle or two they are throwing out?  

Once you have your collection of bottles ready contact me for a custom order link. I will have you wrap your bottles in bubble wrap and mail them to me. Once your bottles arrive I'll professionally cut and smoothly sand them for you, then ship them back.  Now you're ready for the fun part, creating and hanging your custom light fixture!

Do you want to save money on postage?  You don't have to mail me bottles.  I have a HUGE bottle collection for you to select from. 

whiskey bottle hanging lights from looking sharp cactus

Check out these popular pendant light shades including this beautiful Crown Royal pendant light shade You can also contact me to see if I have a special bottle in my collection that I just haven't had time to list yet.

bottle lights for sale from looking sharp cactus

What kind of light fixture should I use?

What kind of light fixtures do you currently have?  Track lighting, chandeliers, pendant lights...?  Perhaps the light fixtures you already have can be modified to display your cool new bottle lights? That's what this buyer did.  She used her existing pendant light fixture and added a really cool Jack Daniels Honey light shade from my shop. (I also offer these with the traditional black label or the Tennessee Fire label using a bar sized 1 liter bottle).

jack daniels whiskey bottle hanging lights


Would you prefer an impressive and just HUGE 1.75L Jack Daniels pendant light shade?  This is one of my most popular light shades.

huge Jack Daniels whiskey bottle hanging lights from looking sharp cactus
bottle lights from looking sharp cactus


DIY Light Fixture Using Copper Pipe 

I provided the smoothly cut Crown Royal light shades and this buyer created this amazing light fixture for his home bar! 

liquor bottle crafts


liquor bottle crafts crown royal bottle


liquor bottle crafts crown royal bottle



hanging liquor bottle lights patron tequila bottles

Remember the buyer who created a chandelier using a wagon wheel and Patron bottles!  The possibilities are endless! 


bottle lights hanging from looking sharp cactus


I personally love this custom light fixture my buyer made using a beautiful piece of would and a fun selection of my bottle light shades.  This might be my favorite DIY lighting project done by a buyer so far!  Find the light shades he used here.

bottle lights from looking sharp cactus

Where can I buy the electrical components for my DIY lighting?

You find the electrical components to make your own light fixture at your local hardware store. Most Home Depots, Lowes and other hardware stores have a huge lighting section.  Bring your bottle light shades into the store to help you  select the right electrical components. 

If you order large bottles (1 liter and 1.75L sizes) a normal socket will most likely fit.  But if you order a bottle that is narrow or a strange size you may need a smaller socket.  I am NOT affiliated with but they have a good selection of lighting electrical components.

Sorry I don't sell my light shades with electrical components. This is a small mom and pop shop and there is liability associated with selling electrical components.  The good news is you can save hundreds of dollars by adding your own electrical components to my glass shades!  


Don Julio 1942 bottle lights from looking sharp cactus
Bulleit bottle lights from looking sharp cactus


Many of my buyers buy a pendant light kit online that includes with a socket, cork and plug.  Keep in mind that the plug is probably too big to push through the mouth of your bottle light shade. There is a trick!  You can cut the electrical cord, feed it through the bottle then spice the ends together again. I would NOT suggest that the typical homeowner do this.  Have an electrician splice the electrical cord for you.  That you you don't create a fire hazard or shock hazard.  There is a reason people pay electricians. 

Many of the restaurants and bars that have purchased my light shades have hired a professional electrician to do the installation.  It's a one time expense and worth it! 


shop bottle lights from looking sharp cactus


jameson whiskey bottle hanging lights

Jameson pendant shade available in 1.75L and 1 liter


features of bottle pendant lights


Disclaimer:  The items I handcraft are not endorsed by, sponsored by or affiliated with any alcohol brand manufacturer, distributor, or trademark owner.  These are upcycled works of art only.  We only strive to save the planet one recycled bottle at a time.


 I hope I've given you some great ideas to start your fun lighting project! 

Please reach out to me.  I have so many bottles that aren't on the site yet and if something is sold out I can notify you when it's back in stock. 

More topics coming soon! What would you like me to write about? 

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